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Mike Trup Sunday TimesAdman Management Partners is my management and strategy consultancy company. I help start-ups and small and medium-sized (SMEs) grow their revenues and profits by helping senior management develop, refine and execute a growth strategy.

I use my¬†experience of having grown a company from start-up to multimillion Pound exit to help you to develop a realistic and achievable strategy and to work with you to build the management skills to achieve your goals. Many Chied Executives and Managing Directors don’t have anyone independent with whom they can discuss ideas and issues. Everyone internally and often externally have their own agendas. Accountants and lawyers have their specialist place but they are rarely ‘commercially-minded.’ Most consultants serving this market have left middle-management positions in large companies and have no real entrepreneurial experience.

I can provide support in the form of a one-off strategic discussion or by means of ongoing coaching or mentoring, whatever format suits your needs.

“Adman’s support and advice helped me overcome several key challenges I faced as CEO. Mike’s expertise and experience in team management and strategy were indisputable assets. Having successfully created and run his own tech company, he already faced most of the challenges I met and gave precise and actionable advice.”
– Djamil Kemal, CEO, Shaba.com

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